Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Dentist.........

The girls have had dentist appts this summer.  In the past we have not had very good dental coverage so we haven't been able to go to the dentist much.  The girls were able to (and required to have one appt) when we were fostering them, so they had appts (at which point 7 yr old BGA HATED the dentist and would not allow the dentist to fix her filling that had come loose.  She would not sit still she wouldn't let the dentist near her to numb her mouth, so we had to leave.  This was a Medi-cal before we finalized, so the dentist was not one of our choosing).  So we decided to not go to the dentist till we could get better coverage on Dave's insurance and also to see if the girls being a bit older would make for a better visit.

Fast forward to me having to have my wisdom tooth out in Feb.  The girls went with me and got to hang out at the dentist while I had my tooth pulled.  They have video games and the movie Finding Nemo seems to be on every time we visit (hmmmmmmm....maybe I should donate some movies the girls do not watch).  They liked the office, the staff and were ok hanging out there.

Dave had some plaque build up on one of his teeth and thought that he had chipped his tooth when we were gone at my mom's.  So he went to the dentist and made appts for the girls.

BGA went first on the same day Dave was getting his deep clean.  He went in first, we went to lunch, came back and BGA had her appt. She did very well.  Lost one of the baby teeth that had a filling on it, but still needs the other one fixed.  She had no new cavities (good thing as neither girl likes to brush - what kid does for that matter??) and got her teeth cleaned, flouride put on and will get the filling fixed and sealant put on at the next visit.  She got a new rotating spin toothbrush, toothpaste and got to put a coin in for the 'treasures toy machine (like gumball machines but with 'treasures').  She picked out a bouncing ball 'eyeball' and gave it to LGA.  Nice gesture.

Monday was LGA's turn.  Now if you have seen her pics you know her mouth is a bit of a mess, caps that the county put on before we had her (we would have skipped that part) and teeth coming in crooked, teeth coming in behind the caps, overcrowding, etc.  Plus this kid does not brush.  We told the girls they would be going to the dentist this summer, but when you watch LGA from the cutout in the wall in the family room (that looks into the bathroom.  I think they thought it would be more 'room' to cut a square size cut out on the family room wall to make it appear a larger room.  Really annoying to me, but is handy when you want to see in the bathroom and see what a certain 8 yr old is up to) she is not brushing and does not really brush.  But telling the girls that there would be extensive xrays taken (there was) and that the dentist could see exactly where they were brushing and not brushing, they started evidently brushing.  

LGA had no cavities, which was very good.  She still has none to this day.  BGA had 2 originally now only has 1 and no new ones.  But LGA's teeth are a mess and she will need braces.  BGA might if there is a spacing issue but she has 6 more teeth to come in.  We will go on an orthodontic consult to see what the orthodontist thinks will be needed for LGA's teeth.  Her caps are finally coming out, but there is one tooth behind the front cap and that cap just won't come out. I was hoping the dentist would pull it but he wouldn't. It also appears she is losing a cap from the side, so if she loses both she would only have one cap left in her mouth (same as what BGA has, one cap on the side.  She had a front tooth cap and lost it right before she came home).

LGA had a good appt, after initially being scared during the xray part of it (the nurse refused to let us stand in the hallway to be there for her, so we had sit in another waiting room).  She did everything the nurse asked her to do and was very good about getting her teeth cleaned, etc.  I was very proud of her.  The next day she brushed her teeth all on her own with her new toothbrush and then said, "mommy look at my clean teeth!"  LOL. 

I'm glad they are more comfortable at the dentist.  I will have to take BGA on my own to get her filling fixed, so that will be the real test.  I have to take both girls as Dave has to work that day.  So we'll see how it goes and if BGA can do it.  Our dentist is not even a special one, with no tv (except on the orthodontia side) or music, etc.  But they are nice and our dr.'s were cool.  The one we want to have has a name that is really funny considering her profession.  :-)

I'm just glad we have had check ups (well except for me I will now need to wait till the fall to get my check up and teeth cleaned) finally. They are more into brushing their teeth now as well, which I am happy about.

And, we survived the visit, no one got upset or worried, etc.  We walked in like we'd been to the dentist many times.  One more thing that the girls conquered.  The fear of the dentist.  For now. 

Hope you are all staying cool here this week.  It's in the 100's here, but expected to go down to the low 90's by the weekend. 

Dave moves to a temporary schedule for the month of August but it's one in our favor, although less time alone with him for me. School starts in just under 2 weeks.  Not ready yet, no new backpacks or school supplies have been purchased, still on a go to bed a bit later and sleep in later mode (BGA) and the lazy days of summer. 

Hope you are all staying cool in your part of the universe.


  1. Wow! Sounds like it went well and the girls were real troopers. They have come soooooo far Molly. Keep up the great parenting.

  2. They did very well. I was surprised. They hate the dentist. Now we found out that LGA has to go to another school. They put her in a school near our house, which is good, but another transition for her this year. She seemed nervous (who could blame her) yet one of her Spec Ed teachers is supposedly teaching at that school so we'll see if she is there to ease transition. LGA had her at her old school and this year in summer school. So we'll see how it goes. They have come far, but as you know they still have issues, so on to another transition. But she's closer to the house and closer to where she went to preschool, so I think that will be familiar to her.