Sunday, July 15, 2012

One more pic I forgot to add

Another one of my mom's collage but if you look on the top right corner you will see my mom with each of the girls.  I didn't have a hard copy of these, and forgot they were taken. However, I found them in an envelope at my mom's.  So I want to get the pics out and frame them (I put them in a box when packing up and don't remember where they are......but I know I have them).  Aren't they great pics of my mom and the girls?  I know I will look at these fondly when I frame them. I think I cut them down as well so will need to see how I can frame them (don't ask me why I did that, I think I was so tired when we were making this collage, that I just wanted it all to fit).
Okay that's it for today, now that I have totally overwhelmed you with different posts.  I will post more of our summer, LGA's bday and some pics from our stay down south, in a later post.

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