Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween and The Aftermath of Candy.............

How did your Halloween go?

Ours went pretty well.  The candy influx started the Friday before, at the Fall Festival I wrote about below.  More about candy to follow......

Halloween happens to be my birthday, so we have adopted a new tradition since the girls have been home. In the past we have been lucky enough to share 5 Halloweens with the girls.  Our first was with RachelZ, Heather, and their families, complete with trick or treating, dinner and birthday cake. It was nice but the girls were still grieving and it was a hard holiday.  The 2nd one we spent with my mother in laws, and mother in law made their costumes.  The 3rd one we spent with Aunt Kim, complete with dinner and bday cake.  The 4th one, last year, I had a wisdom tooth infection so I stayed home and the girls went trick or treating in the neighborhood with Dave and had a huge candy haul (which they traded in for toys).  We had dinner and cake when they got back.

This year I wanted to go with them so we ate a quick dinner (the girls and I went and got cake for my birthday together, that's an important step for them and they picked my cake last year too) and off we went.  The houses that had lights on in the neighborhood were few and far between.  After walking for a half hour without much luck, we looped around to our house, got in the car and drove around 3 neighborhoods, with much more luck.  LGA who has been fearless, was quite frightened by the houses with people dressed up.  She didn't mind the animated skeletons, etc., but did not care for the people dressed up.  Dave walked them up to those houses.  No one had any nightmares afterwards which is good, but they definitely had more fear this year. We just made sure one of us walked them up if they wanted to go and we moved on when they did not want to go to a house.

So the candy and wanting 'my' candy began immediately.  We came back for cake and ice cream so no one got candy that night but I let BGA take some to school to trade (first year I have let her do this, but she's in 5th and I figured it was time).  LGA immediately began to bug me for candy when she got home. I let them have a couple of pieces after school.  I let them have a piece or two, here and there, assuming they would trade it in.  No one seemed able to do that this year.  They must not have wanted a toy, even though toys are high on their list now (getting close to Christmas). 

The topper was last Saturday, when we decided to go see Wreck It Ralph.  The girls and Dave wanted to see this movie, so we waited till Dave got off work to go.  I did make baked oatmeal which had some sugar in it, and I did let them have a piece of candy at lunch.  They also were able to pack some candy in a ziploc baggie to take to the movie then we were going to eat at Red Robin, a family favorite.  Well..........all went well, till we got to Red Robin.  The girls were fine, but BGA had a bit too much fiber in the oatmeal (must remember this if she needs a bit of help in that area) and had a full tummy till she took care of business.  So she finally ate her dinner, but LGA put too much pepper on her spaghetti that she chose (spaghetti is her food, she orders it when we go out all the time).  I didn't see it for some reason, Dave only caught it when he looked over.  Normally giving her the pepper to put on food has not been an issue but twice now she has done this.  So no more pepper that she gets to put on her food by herself.  People say, "let them do it on their own."  All well and good but we have two eaters who if they accidentally put too much on, will refuse to eat their meal and we end up wasting it or in this case, a huge fit ensues (cause you knew that was coming right???).  So we do it for them and they get frustrated, but either they will do it on purpose or accidentally and then pick at and not eat the food.

So..............a small fit, that escalated, began to brew in LGA.  It became full blown when I asked her to mix up the pepper and that would make it easier to eat. I gave her some of my ribs that I ordered in case she did not want to eat the spaghetti, and she could eat those and the fruit she ordered with her plate.  However, the fit was brewing and then she blew.  Right in front of a baseball team of boys, the entire dining section (because Red Robin is sort of a loud place).  A couple behind us could not even close their mouths, they had open mouth jaw dropping looks on their faces (older couple).  Luckily it was at the end of dinner and we were able to leave the restaurant.  It was not pretty.  It was a candy high and then sugar drop of epic porportions.  Usually LGA has been great in restaurants, but this year, if she is facing across from her sister, she kicks her she starts something and her behavior has been almost 3 yr old tantrumish.  The only thing I can think of is she is emulating the kids in her special ed class.  But it's very frustrating, because our once good eater, and good kid to take to a restaurant is now a nightmare to take out.  You have to go over expectations and how we behave, etc.  Granted this one was a sugar high, but still it was not pretty.  I was pretty embarrassed. 

So this week as she has continued to ask about candy, we have focused on how candy makes us behave and feel.  She has gotten a piece or two, but that is it.  Then yesterday we told her the candy was done.  We will keep the gum as now that her caps are almost gone, we do let her chew gum.  Her behavior has been a bit off due to the time change and she's tired more in the evenings and mornings.  Mornings continue to be a challenge for getting her ready, till her meds kick in.  I truly hate mornings at our house on the weekdays and weekends she's up at the crack of dawn. If you don't get up with her and send her back to her room to play quietly, she will get up and roam the house so one of us gets up with her, usually Dave, as he's the earlier riser (me being a night owl).

We took the girls for their 6 mos check up.  BGA has gained 3 pounds and grown a couple of inches, LGA 2 pounds (but I suspect a growth spurt as she's eating more these days) and is 3 inches shorter than her sister.  We had a nurse practioner, which I actually prefer, as she actually took the time to answer my questions.  Usually the dr. rushes through it.  But I also had Dave with me, which makes it SO much easier.  LGA got her flu shot, and it was decided to give her pm ADHD booster at school.  I hope this does not mean we will suffer the after effects when the med wears off, at home.  Right now it's more peaceful in the pm's, and I can get homework done with LGA.  I hope I will still have a window with this when she takes her med at school.  But teacher insists she loses focus around 12 and needs the pm med at school.  So we'll see how this works.

I'm gradually getting rid of the candy and trying to get balanced meals and snacks back in.  But the behaviors with time change and Halloween have left a bit to be desired.  We have had a few behaviors this week.  Hoping as we ease into the colder weather (it's supposed to be upper 50's and one mid 50, this week/next week, a couple of lower 60's thrown in, so cooler) and time change that we even out a bit. 

How was Halloween at your house?  Happy November to you all.  I'm thankful for my family this month, those who are here and those who have passed on.


  1. Oy - the epic meltdowns in public are tough! So glad you were able to see the reason behind it. I totally get it as you read in my post. :o)

    Hope your week is going well!

  2. Happy birthday! My brothers birthday is halloween too!

    Don't talk to me about weather ok? Between Sandy and the Nor'Easter I am sick of it already and it's only November. Shoot me. Just shoot me.

  3. Thanks, Catherine, you were brave to take on an all candy day. I don't think I could do that. LOL. We're doing ok week wise. We have tomorrow off for Veterans day then back to school.

  4. Oh yeah, Leigh, you have had your share of weather. Thanks for the wishes. It was a bittersweet day. I am hearing more and more people have Halloween bdays. I used to hate that day as a bday but we have gotten a nice routine going and as each year goes by you don't care as much as long as we are together. :-)

    Wait till you hit snow days..........oh wait, did I just say that?? That's ok cause my holidays are always hard with the girls so I know I'll get my payback.