Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Am Thinking It's Time To Go.........

I have written a blog for going on 6 yrs now.  I am thinking it's time to close up the blog and move on.

I read quite a few blogs and I really enjoy reading what others are doing, cooking, crafts, the Mormon mommy blogs, etc.  But I don't feel as an adoption blog (or our adventures, which as of late have been pretty boring and non existent) that I am where I was 6 yrs ago, parenting wise.  There are issues, as there will be with a special needs child who is FASD, but I feel as LGA grows the needs become a bit more complex and not ones I want to share here.  BGA is 12, going to be 13 this year and I just don't feel that I want to share her space here either.  I will ponder my options for a few days, I might even decide to set up a blog centered more on lighter issues, other than adoption.  I know this blog was weighted down for a few years as we struggled to understand LGA's FASD issues and sometimes I was frustrated.  I have a bit more support (although not as much as I wish I had) in dealing with her behaviors, but I know for a long time it probably seemed that I was whining or complaining a lot about what we were going through. I don't know as though it really inspired anyone, so I think for now I will take a blog break, or I will shut this one down and possibly start a new one, that can focus on things I am interested in, that may or may not include the girls.  I have been lucky to chronicle the girls' early years with us, but almost 6 yrs in, I am ready to move on a bit.  We aren't having any real adventures as of late, so I feel sort of stinted in writing about our life as a family of 4 because it is not the same as it was when I started this blog.

So to those of you who faithfully read this blog and left comments, I truly appreciate it.  You have offered support and advice when I needed it and for that I am grateful.  I hope you will check back soon and maybe there will be a different link to a blog more tailored to the lighthearted, along with some posts about the girls.  If any of you have any ideas of what you'd like to read from me, let me know.  Would you be too bored if I added jewelry, recipes, etc., along with some blog posts about the girls when I want to share some good stuff they are doing (and they are doing good stuff this year)?  Let me know, dear readers and I will consider it.

Again, thank yhou for being here during our aoptino journey.  It's meant more than you know to share it all with you


  1. Growing pains, right Molly? The blog starts as one thing and then we sort of outgrow that thing...I'll follow you where ever you end up. Hugs.

  2. Don't go - I will miss you! I understand that things may have changed for you and the purpose of the blog has changed too. But don't go away all together - just focus on some other things - please.

  3. Molly, I really hope you don't disappear altogether, but get that you might need a break and/or a fresh start. I'll read whatever you want to write about, whatever form your next blog takes.

    Maggie S

  4. Thanks, MaggieK and MaggieS. I am still pondering it all. The girls have changed SO much from the little girls they were when they came home, and I don't feel the blog energy right now or feel the girls stuff is what I want to post about. Nothing major, just been contemplating it lately. Anyway, will take some time to think about it and decide if I might do a different blog, etc. But I appreciate your support along the way. Thank you. :-)