Friday, April 25, 2014

Hi.......Still Here........

I haven't decided what to do for a new blog and I don't have time to work on it yet, so I'll stay here for a bit.

Here are two new pics from Wed's hair appt.  I have close to 2 inches of white on top with darker grey on the sides and rest of my hair.  Weird. I had my hair lightened a bit with more of an ash color as it was getting brassy (which it will do)  and warmer blonde which is nice, but I wanted a bit more toned down color. I hope this is the end of the highlights for awhile.  I am now using a shampoo (Rusk Brilliance in the purple bottle, if you are grey and want to spiff up your hair a bit) for grey and blonde highlighted hair which will keep the 'yellow' color at bay.

Can I just say that going blonde has been really interesting?  I was blonde back in my mid 30's for the first time and have added blonde highlights over the years, but this is the first time since 1996 -97 that I am really really blonde.  It's weird because older men follow me around (this is concerning me frankly and I don't like it) as an older man in Target did today.  He even came to the same checkout as I did.  I saw him scanning the parking lot as I got in my car (I ran with the bags as I didn't get a cart so had to run fast).  This never happened to me before I went blonde.  I see men in cars that are in the opposite direction noticeably looking over at the older woman with blonde hair till they realize it's a 50 yr old woman and then they look away. I have seen people I know stop dead in conversation when they see me if they haven't seen me after I went blonde (AIWB).   It's a weird feeling and I am sure when I go grey it will feel the same.  The other question I got when I was in the salon the first time was, "Why are you doing this you are young?"  Said by a senior stylist.  I gave all the reasons I gave previously, and she said "you know I wanted to do that but the other (senior as my stylist in her 40's is the youngest one there) ladies talked me out of it."  I told her to go for it. It's liberating.  I don't know how else to explain it other than it makes you feel free of the hair dye trap.  I hated that after 2 weeks I had noticeable re-growth and I am tired after all these years of going the dye route.

SO here are two pics of the recent color (also a trim. It's shorter which I didn't want but my stylist trimmed the back up so it's all one length straight across).

Sorry for the selfies, but it's hard to take a pic when you are short with short arms, LOL.

So how about an update on the girls?  I am sure any of you out there reading would like to hear an update on them.

They have been busy.

BGA totally turned her grades around after they did a 6th grade slip.  She has had some peer issues and some bullying which I did allude to and won't go over here, but we got her into a peer counseling group at school and I think it will help her.  She is also in the leadership group for end of year this year and next year.  She really enjoys it.  She also goes to the after school science program, on site girl scouts (with LGA) and then has had tutoring one day a week.  That's the busiest we have ever been. She got an honorable honor roll mention (not quite honor roll but the next grade level down which we were VERY happy about).  I think she is one of those kids that we have to get involved, get the teacher on board, and then she picks up her grades.  This is the 2nd year we have tried hands off and her grades slipped so we had to get involved. Dave feels we will always need to be involved with her teachers.  I'm ok with that.  I have gotten to know some great teachers.  This weekend BGA will represent her school at the school wide track meet.  She will run the 50 yd dash and 200 yd "run" she called it.  She also wants to play basketball next year.  She is well rounded I think. I never expected that for her when she first came home. How much progress she has made is amazing to me!  She is fully going through the 'teen' stage even though she's not 13 yet (till end of year) but that's to be expected.  It's so hard to hear the attitude come flying out of her mouth at times but it is the age. She also thinks she's right all the time even if she has no idea what the subject is. I can't say ANYTHING about that one because I remember being the same way, convinced I was right and everyone else was wrong.  LOL. Her compassion amazes me though.  When I went for her award ceremony, her teacher from last year approached me and told me that BGA had taken a card and had all the kids sign it.  The teacher had lost her cousin unexpectedly and BGA had some cards my aunt and uncle gave the girls when we were at my mom's summer of 2012 to clear out her place.  They had stickers, cards, etc.  I guess BGA took a card to school and had all the kids sign it.  It was sure nice to hear the teacher sing her praises and it made me very proud.  I hope this side of her continues.  She was not like this in fact she was rather rude when she came home.  SO this is huge progress and growth.

LGA had a rough year initially when school started.  She's still in Special Ed Day class and she was with the older kids (adjusted 4th grade so with kids 4-6 grades) and having lots of issues.  Her teacher was out learning the common core so LGA had a sub. I really wondered if we were headed in the mood disorder meds direction however, in Nov the teacher was back in the classroom and some of the kids in her class needed to go play on the smaller playground so after I complained of some issues they moved LGA and some of the other kids to the smaller playground and LGA settled down quite a bit.  She's grown tall and is close to height to her sister, they weigh the same (BGA is tall and thinner but LGA has caught up to her) and wear the same size in tops, most pants and shoes.  No more passing stuff from BGA to LGA anymore.

LGA is learning to read and reads on about a 1-2 grade level.  She's doing some math and has taken an interest in baseball (Yay!!!).  She does still have melts and tantrums but I am learning her triggers as I have stated in previous posts so for the most part we are doing ok.  She loves cats and we did get the kitten back in Nov.  That cat loves me (because of course I take care of her, however BGA does the litter boxes) and LGA so that's a good thing.  LGA has a love hate relationship with her friend K and they either get along or they fight.  But she seems to have a friend so that's a good thing.   She loves her Furby which drives me insane some days but does provide some good laughs "Wakey, wakey, eggs and cakey!" it says sometimes which has become a popular saying to wake the girls up in the morning.  LOL.

Well, that's the short update for now (as short as I can be).  I will let you all know where I land if I start a new blog.

Hope you are all enjoying the spring weather (rainy and cold here then supposed to get into the 90's by next week, gotta love spring!).  Have a good weekend everyone.  :-)


  1. I love the new hair color! And so get your hatred of being tied to the dye. I have been coloring my hair for probably close to 35 years and it is definitely is a pain in the you know what to keep it up. But I am not ready yet to stop. Hope to keep reading your blog whatever you decide to focus on :)

  2. Still loving the color and the cut. ;-)
    Thanks for the update.

  3. Thanks ladies. Maggie K mine was 29 yrs of permanent and close to 40 yrs when I was highlighting it. I was not ready to stop either but I decided that when it got to be 2 weeks and white regrowth was showing I decided I was tired of keeping it up only for regrowth to show 2 weeks later. It does not seem worth it to me and my scalp is breaking out and I just am tired of the upkeep. It's been a bit more upkeep because now I have had two sessions of highlights put in but I hope that will be it for awhile. Thanks for reading. :-)

  4. I forgot to write in my last comment that I love your new hair too. Thanks for the update on the girls, too. It's so great to read about their progress.

    Maggie S