Friday, January 27, 2012

Lots of Links

Hi there, still working on the blog.  You might notice there are lots of blogs listed at the right side of the page.  I put a lot of the blogs I read (for various reasons) there.  Some you might like, and some like the jewelry blogs, you might not).  Some are 'fluff' blogs I like to read and some are cooking blogs, etc.  Take a peek (or not) and hope you find a blog there you might like to read.  Some will probably be weeded out if I find I'm not reading them much.

Okay, anyone have any ideas for a "look" for the blog?  I really would like a series of pics at the top of it, but don't really have anything (yet) to put there.  So for now, leaving it blank.

Getting ready to make Family of 4 private, so please follow here if you'd like to keep updated.

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