Friday, January 27, 2012

Still Getting Things Organized........

And what a pain it is to move blogs.  Bear with me, I'm still here, just finding out how I want to customize this one and what links, etc. to include. 

So blog still under construction........


  1. Hey Molly, I just noticed how many blogs you have on your blog roll. Holy cow girlfriend. Do you really read all those blogs????? That is an awful lot of blogs you got going on there. I'm impressed. Plus, you've done more to your new blog in five minutes than I have done in five days. Slow down! You're making me look bad!!!!

  2. Not every day but some of them I read. No way, your blog's looking much better than mine, LOL. Hey I took the weekend off, how's that?? I am trying to close the other one so wanted to get this set up. Some of these blogs are bead blogs too, so I read a few of them, at times. I just read some of them when I'm in the mood, too, know what I mean? Some are adoption, some bead, some fluffier, some cooking, etc. Just ones I want to remember to go back to when I want a good read. :-)