Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Couple More Wedding Pics.........

So to lighten the heaviness of last post, here are a few more wedding pics.  BGA caught the bouquet and was so happy to have caught it.  they loved the dinosaur bubble guns that they used leading the bride and groom back down the aisle after their "I-Do's."  Nice wedding.  Can I just say BGA looks  SO grown up now??


  1. How did I miss the last post? Just caught up on both posts now. Wow, Molly, huge revelations. I can imagine how difficult it is to process it all. But typical of you, instead of being angry or bitter, you use this knowledge to have compassion for your daughter. You're amazing.

    Love the photos. BGA is looking like such a beautiful young lady. And little one is so pretty with her nice white teeth!!! So beautiful.

  2. I just did them both yesterday. It was a lot to process on top of my mom's passing. I felt like I was in a fog for a long time. Well, LGA's teeth have permanent staining on them. Maybe the photographer made them whiter? She had the caps, the last one she just yanked out this past week. I guess they'd be bottle stains from having a bottle in her mouth as a baby. So her teeth, even though the caps are gone are stained, and she is going to need braces.