Monday, July 16, 2012

So did I totally overwhelm you with posts yesterday???

Sorry about that, but a certain blog and adoptive mama reminded me that I should keep writing. I emailed her and told her I couldn't but right as I said that, it seemed the world opened up and I NEEDED to write.  So I started writing thank you notes, emailing cousins and thanking them for things like eulogies, etc.  Then all of a sudden I was reading a blog and thought, "hm, should go see my own blog and see how long it's been since I posted." Well, then of course I needed to rectify that immediately and out it all came, the post about our summer and my mom, the pics, etc.

So today's post will be about the dentist...........Part I. 

BGA and Dave went to the dentist today.  Dave to get his teeth deep cleaned and BGA for her check up.  BGA, I have been noticing has been brushing lately, as we've casually brought up that we would be going to the dentist.  She really didn't want to, but she's been doing it. I have noticed cleaner teeth.  LGA, on the other hand, was the discussion of the moment, down south, when my aunt or uncle casually asked, "do her teeth look like that always?"  I about died.  Seriously, her teeth have some yellow and on one of her front teeth, brown spots on them and she refuses to brush.  Will not allow you to brush her teeth and it ends up being a fight that Dave has been unwilling to fight (he's the one who gets up with her in the am).  So her teeth look bad.  The caps are coming out, luckily, but one of her front teeth is coming in sideways, so I'm thinking we may have an ortho consult in our future.  She goes in a couple of weeks for her appt.  She did get to see what they did to BGA today and was only nervous a couple of times.

BGA on the other hand had no new cavities and just needs a filling she had previously, fixed.  She got x-rays, an exan and her teeth cleaned along with flouride painted on, today.  She has always hated the dentist and when they needed to fix her filling in 2009, she would not let the dentist, turned away, freaked out screaming, etc.  So we finally got what we thought was decent dental coverage, only for it to change again, to one major insurance company, that frankly bites.   But we decided we needed to get to the dentist and when Dave had some calcium fall off his front back tooth (but he thought he chipped a tooth) while the girls and I were at my mom's, he went in and made appts for each girl.

So four hours after everyone went to the dentist, we were done.  BGA did very well, enjoyed her appt, liked the female dentist, and did very well.  Her teeth are great and I'm really proud of her, as she has never really wanted to brush, but somehow when her teeth started getting yellow and we told her the dentist would show each tooth on the xray and know where she was and was not brushing, she stepped it up.  She received a cute spinning Ariel toothbrush and some sparkly toothpaste.  The nurse gave her a token to put in the prize (like the grocery store candy machines) and she gave the prize to BGA.  So she did very well at the appt.  That's like a complete 360 turnaround.  So next is me, but I'm going to wait till the girls are in school and then make the appts for me.

Yesterday we celebrated National Ice Cream day, went out for dinner and then got ice cream. Dave took LGA to see Ice Age and they had a nice daddy/daughter outing. 

I'll attach some more pics in another post, to catch up our spring/summer.

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