Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Our summer has been pretty low key here at Family of 4.  We spent 18 days at my mother's house, leaving the week after the girls got out of school.   LGA had summer school the monday after we got back from my mom's house, and went for a month.  During that time her birthday fell, and our 4 years as a family anniversary.  We didn't really celebrate either, although I made LGA a cake and she wanted to go to the house of cheese, Chuck E. Cheese.  She had a good time so that is all that matters. 

There have been movies we went to, parks they played in, and an early am $1 movie today with our friends, but other than that, it's been pretty much a stay inside summer.  I am trying to have more energy to do more, but I'm just not into it this summer.  They go back to school in 4 weeks.  And with the amount of fighting going on just as of today, I am sure ready for it.  We started out great this am, enjoyed the movie, gave them some candy and popcorn in the movie (Regal's $1 movie Tues/Weds) even though they'd just finished breakfast at 8.  And all was well till we hopped in the car looking for a park to play at.  All of a sudden BGA was hungry and LGA just wanted to play.  We got tied up in traffic and that was the end of that, it fell apart in the car as they began to argue with each other.  They are definitely better split up.  Also LGA now has to integrate into the summer routine, just in time to go back to school.  She's resentful she has to do it at all since BGA was in her summer routine the whole time and has hit her stride, but LGA had to go to summer school so she lost some of what she had gained as far as transition goes, when she went back to school. I'm giving her a week, but am coming down a bit hard on the consequences for tantrums/fits.  LGA threw one in DQ as we had lunch, so I nixed the park and any electronics.  As we speak they are playing with legos and squinkies in the living room and not happy (BGA) about no tv.  Oh well.  BGA had some nightmares last night and she has been in a pretty foul mood all day long.  I hope tomorrow is a better day, tried talking to her, but LGA kept interrupting and would not hang out in her room so I could talk to BGA.  So BGA has been grumpy, which of course affects LGA's mood. 

Anyway, here are some more pics from our summer and my mother's celebration of life, the pics we put on display..

I think my mom looks very glamourus in this pic

More of a close up of pics of her life

Hula, Glamour, Softball, and Getting her degree

Wild girl at dinner

New summer cut (dentist is coming in 2 weeks, I see $$ signs)

Hanging out at Grandmas, pre packing up

New little imp

New Haircut, stressed out eyelash pulling, growing back finally!

Pool time

Pool time

Birthday sundae at Red Robin

Birthday cake at home

Birthday bear from Aunt Kim and Uncle Lupe

Bear all tucked in (this is how I found him on going into her room one morning)


  1. Love the new hair cuts! And I L-O-V-E that first pic of your Mom. So elegant.

  2. She was very elegant in her earlier photos. The girls like their haircuts, but the older one does not want to spend the time it takes to style it.