Sunday, February 24, 2013

She Had A Good Time

BGA had a great time at her party.  The girl stayed 4 hours and there were still a couple of girls there when we picked her up.  The mother when we dropped her off, would not let me come in the house and sort of stood at the door not opening it (but then again they have a chihuahua dog and I do that with my little dogs when I don't want them to get out).  She told me to come get BGA 'whenever' so I said, "well she has our cell #'s so maybe you could have her call when the girls are done?"  She said yes. 

We took LGA to a movie.  LGA is always lost without BGA.  She always is.  We have tried splitting them up but LGA just wants to be around BGA.   BGA doesn't want to always be around LGA. LGA got upset and started acting out, even though as I am reading through my FASD groups, I had read that it's easier to tell her ahead of time so she can prepare.  So I did that, and also told her she would have time with Daddy and me, just her.  So she acted out a bit till we dropped off BGA.  Then she was quiet as we looked up the movie times.  We took her to Kid From Another Planet, I think it's called.  And it was cute.  She got popcorn, water, and candy.  She was in her element at dinner (El Torito, and they had THE most wonderful Tortilla soup and sort of peachy flavored iced tea.  And that is all I ate as we had lunch late and popcorn so I was not hungry but needed to eat), and of course bouncing from the candy.  The people on either side of us left shortly after we got there.  Oh well.

When we picked up BGA Dave went in and the mom gave him some cake for us.  BGA smelled of perfume, said she gave her friend a makeover, and the girl who was the one that told her the party was cancelled showed up for an hour and a half, and left.  The girls partied on.  BGA came home chatting and had a great time.  I'm so glad.  LGA had a few moments of being jealous but we got through it and turns out BGA was jealous that LGA got to go to the movie she wanted to go to.  So they each were jealous of the other.  That always gets me, the intense jealousy. Wow. 

When we came home our water leak finally came through the carpet, a small amount, and it was larger today so we called out a plumber and are getting it fixed this week.  It's centered in LGA's room so all of her stuff has to come out and Dave and I will be clearing it out tomorrow.  We found a small leak in our bedroom but we're not sure if Dave stepped in water and carried it in or if the large leak is in the bedroom.  I sure hope not because it will be next to impossible to take all of our bedroom furniture out of the room (CA king sleep number bed!!).  The plumber felt that the piping they used was not up to par and we already know from 4 yrs ago, that it was not wrapped, so to get the pipes re done is a very high amount that we do not have to pay, so we face another leak under the slab. I will see what the insurance says and if they might pay for it.

So wish us luck this week as we deal with the leaky pipes and two girls sharing a room again.  Ugh.  I can't bear to think about it, but I must.  But luckily we know what needs to be done and it will be fixed.

My little girl is growing up.  She attended her first tween party and really had a good time!  I am so glad, but it's so bittersweet.  I feel like time is going fast.  It seems like only yesterday when we brought this scared 6 yr old home and now she will be 12 this year.  The time has flown!  So much has happened in our lives since the girls came home.  I am finding I am trying to take the time to enjoy life as it passes by and savor the moments. It just feels right.


  1. So glad she had a good time at the party. And--ouch! to you about the pipes! Hope it's a not too expensive fix!

  2. It's fairly expensive, yes. Hoping insurance will pick up on it since it's the construction company putting in shoddy pipes and it's our 2nd leak. I am glad she had a good time, but LGA is having a hard time with her room torn apart, water in it, having to sleep in BGA's room (had BGA put all her stuff up) and just the transition. Gonna be a tough week for her.