Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Wednesday Stuff.........

Well, our leak was fixed yesterday and the company that dries out the concrete slabs came today.  It looks like we will get new vinyl flooring for our bathroom and new carpet! On a side note our carpet is almost 13 yrs old, original carpet.  The guy from the clean up co had his 'concrete' guy come and tear up the lino in the bathroom.  That's all he did, tear up the lino and some baseboard (and not even the baseboard in the bathroom that COULD be replaced).  He charged $900 something to do that and hauled out a bathroom cabinet that needed to go bye-bye.  Not to mention evidently our plumber charged WAY more than our insurance co wants to pay out and we might be responsible because, according to Dave (who is having issues about all this and it's really upsetting him that we have to move all our stuff and pack it up so we can get new carpet.  I told him if I can move most of my mother's house by myself, moving stuff for one day to get carpet or flooring is NOT going to be a big deal) because we paid more than we should have.  However, the clean up company said that the plumber we picked was very good and reputable. Dave said the insurance guy when he called to put in the claim sighed when Dave mentioned who we chose for a plumber.  Whatever, dude.  I will be on it like he won't believe.  Plumber told us the only way to avoid another leak is to have the pipes run through the attic, because our soil under the house is bad and is creating the leak.  So I need to take that up with the insurance co.  Who wants to take bets on how that will go?  Anyone?  Yes, we all know they won't want to pay out so it will be up to me to convince them I am not going to go through another concrete slab/hot water leak.  It's disruptive to my home Mr. Insurance Company Man.

The girls are sleeping together and actually LGA is sleeping so much better.  There has been talking and "stop!  GO TO SLEEP" heard for a bit till they settle down.  BUT......the key has been to give BGA some Melatonin along with LGA and that way they BOTH go to sleep and BGA is not egging LGA on and they fall asleep so no staying up super late.  I really wish they could share rooms again as I really would like my space back in LGA's room for my beading hobby and Dave would like to put his stuff in there too.  But BGA does not want to share and LGA has a habit of getting into BGA's stuff.  So I guess we'll go back to them having separate rooms and all of our stuff crammed into our already crowded bedroom.

So on to the insurance part of it, and then deciding on flooring and if we can afford to upgrade our bathroom fixtures, toilet, etc.  I don't think we can swing it, and it's getting Dave antsy when I mention it so will have to wait to approach him again.

I wanted to mention a company that I have recently discovered (and I am not paid or anything to mention them) through a couple of bloggers who post having their stuff,

I have gotten a few inexpensive necklaces and earrings, tops, etc. from them.  They also have various holiday themed items and I have enjoyed everything I have ordered so far.

I recently ordered these boots and I can't wait to get them (and it will probably be too hot to wear them unless the weather cools from the low 70's trend we are starting this week).

I also ordered this and it's really dainty and cute:

I ordered some necklaces like these, which appear to be "Anthro" inspired:

Thought I would share a few more things I am liking these days.  Groopdealz is fairly inexpensive too, which makes me happy.  So far all their stuff holds up well too. 

Got a good note from LGA's teacher saying no math homework rest of week (THANK YOU!!!) and that she is to read.  She wrote that LGA is making progress in reading and that she was proud of her.  The note that I got last week was from the sub, and the teacher had a sub for 3 days due to jury duty.  LGA didn't tell us, but when I wrote the note back to the teacher, I got no reply or the teacher did not come to me to talk to me after school like she normally does.  So, we saw her on Monday and she explained that she never would have expected LGA to sit there for an hour and write the rules (HELLO??? Seriously!) and that the sub must have done it.  Glad to have THAT mystery solved.  I felt for sure LGA's teacher would not have written that.  Dave swore it was not her and he was right.  But LGA didn't volunteer she had a sub, she just struggled through the week.  I'm so glad to hear she likes reading and I hope she will continue. I need to step it up now and offer more reading time.  The teacher is starting to require it this week, so that's a good thing too.

Well, off to see what everyone is up to.  Hubby came home early because I think he's just not happy with the whole carpet/lino situation.  So.... wish me luck for the rest of the week.  Also going to get LGA a new loft type of bed as the trundle bed she had was hard to open, hard to take apart and put together, and it's time LGA had her own bed. Wish us luck this week.

And.....check out Groopdealz. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I hate home stuff vs insurance company dramas! I hope it all works out for you.

    Love those snazzy boots Molly. Really pretty. but i have to close this page now before BG see them....hahahahaha!

    Good luck with the reno.

  2. Um, yeah, don't let your BG see them. They do have kids shoes, I got the girls' shoes for my cousin's wedding they will be in, with groopdealz. I didn't want to get an expensive shoe because the wedding will be outside and my kids are really hard on shoes.

    Yes, I hate it too. They are gonna want to play hardball. Our friends in the complex told us of their neighbors who have the same issue that we do but don't have any water damage yet. They want to change out their pipes. I had to tell our friends to tell their neighbor if there is hot under their tile that there is water under the concrete slab that needs to be dried out or will find some crack in the concrete to come through. Yeah, not fun.