Friday, February 22, 2013


BGA cannot find her violin.  According to another student they saw an older boy put a violin in his backpack.  So not sure if I should call the school and leave another msg for the principal or not.  The principal did not bother to call me back.

Also, BGA was invited to a birthday party tomorrow by her friend A, who if you read the background here, know that she knew A in her other school, A moved in the 3rd grade and the girls became reaquainted with each other this year at this school.  But as is often the case, there is one girl who puts a wrench in everything.  S has been A's friend since A came to the school and now BGA comes and A wants to be friends with BGA, but S doesn't.  So, A cancelled her bday party which was supposed to be on Wed.  Then she came back and said the party was on for tomorrow.  Well, S told BGA that it was off yesterday.  But it was never off.  BGA, not being up on these things (as she gets few birthday invites, the schools around here are just not like that) didn't think to ask A if the party was off so she came home and said the party was off.  Then when I picked her up today she found out that the party is back on.  Why are girls SO mean.  This S girl looks mean and you know she is when the teacher even said when told of their issues in the beginning of the year, "she needs to be knocked down a few notches."  I'm just glad BGA thought to ask A if her party was on. 

I'm a bit nervous as I'm not sure of the dynamic at A's house, knowing only her mother has a boyfriend, and A does not like him, and that the grandparents live with them.  Boyfriend is supposedly not going to be around. I guess I just have to trust all will be well. I gave the spiel to BGA that if something doesn't feel right she is to call us and we will come pick her up, etc.  Then of course LGA did not get invited so now we have her disappointment at being left behind, to deal with and to find something she can do also. I am hoping that S and BGA can get along too, and that there isn't any drama or fights.  A is a very sweet, quiet young girl and I like her a lot.  This is the 2nd friend that BGA has become friends with, so I hope they can last as friends. The only reason the first one didn't is we switched schools, and didn't get the other girl's info so we could arrange a play date.

So wish us luck this weekend............and to figure out what kind of insurance we have on the violin.  Ugh.  I don't understand why things happen to BGA, glasses get ruined, violin is stolen, etc.


  1. Ugh. Mean girls. I could write a novel about them. So sorry for BGA. Here's hoping it all works out.

  2. Me too. When I take her to the party I will be checking out the place and also hoping to meet mean girl's mom so I can say something in front of mean girl, to her mom. And of course it's her first tween party so she's excited and nervous.