Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday is a better day!

After my vent post yesterday, Monday is turning out to be a better day.  I know that it's hard for LGA to not be in her room, and it's been two weeks of her having to share with BGA and the house semi torn up.  It's not been fun for anyone.  Seriously.  But it's to be expected and I should learn to go with the flow.  I do for the most part, but sometimes it's just hard to when you have two kids fighting with each other, trying to tattle/get the other one in trouble, and you are dealing with having your house torn up and decisions on who to go with to get flooring put in and the house back in order.

I came to a couple of conclusions though.  Yesterday went well because Dave pitched in and we got our bedroom ready to go so we can move things out and get our new carpet put back in.  We went through things that had been put in our room when the girls came home and we cleared out our office and spare room for them.  It looks like you could just pick stuff up and move it.  That's a great feeling, and it made me feel good.  I cleaned the dust out of the bathroom that had been bothering me so much.  The floor still has lino and dust on it but I put some bathroom rugs down that I found in a box in my bedroom.  They were for when we were going to change out our bathroom and were in a box in the bedroom. I'm gonna go with different rugs but these will do for now and can go out in the garage near the laundry area when we are done with them. But just getting the bedroom done was very relaxing (hard work though) and made me feel better.

This am, our friend's brother came to tackle the backyard.  We are getting the drain put in so we hope that helps with the water issues, but he came to clear out the backyard.  We had a neighbor guy come, a young guy, who was doing our lawn and keeping both front and back clear.  However.........he broke several mowers (ours, which had stopped working but he said he could use it for parts) and didn't have a mower to work on our yards.  He came by and said he'd show up one day, but then didn't show for another week.  I finally had to tell him if he wasn't gonna show up we'd need to get someone else.  He looked like he was gonna cry. I really tried hard with him, I gave him extra stuff Dave would get from work, toothpaste, dishwashing soap, etc.  I gave him extra cash if I could help him.  So when we came back from running errands (this must have been Jan and cold) he and his father were sitting on our electrical boxes (we seem to have the whole neighborhood's electrical, phone, etc. boxes in our front yard) waiting for us.  They had done the front yard, but couldn't get in the back to do it.  He told me he'd come the next day, so we didn't expect him and were gone a long time.  We paid him for the front, but still the back was getting taller and taller.  He never showed up again.  His father is mentally challenged, but nice and he came a few weeks ago to pull the front weeds, telling us he felt bad his son had left us in the lurch but that he didn't seem to want to work (he really liked doing yards and wanted to do it as a business but couldn't seem to get it going after he moved out with his girlfriend.  Several people in our housing complex had him doing their yards).  He said his one was just having a hard time. I feel sorry for him as he did a great job and we did pay him more than anyone in the complex paid him. So we had our friend's brother who is out of work, come Saturday and today to do the yards.  But getting that done, and deciding that we might find out how much it would be to concrete a section of our yard (it's on a slope so would need to be graded before concrete could go in) for one of those pools that you see that are sided and sit on grass or concrete, for the girls to play in for the summer.  We have had various small to med sized pools since they have been home and it really is fun for them and keeps them busy in the summer.  So deciding to get that done and maybe a part of the side yard, made me feel good too.  It wasn't one of my particular goals, but it felt good to know after 13 yrs the backyard might finally get done.  It means we can hang out in the summer, there, if we are able to get some stuff done with it.

Dave made a dump run this am.  I didn't realize how much that had been bothering me, ie, my mom's stuff and stuff we had brought back from her house as well as boxes from stuff, girls' junk, etc.  There is a clear path there which is nice and we will do a Goodwill run next week.  I know Dave's tired and his back hurt, but it was nice to get this stuff done.  It was healing in a way.  And it is all sort of happening in stages, but stuff I wanted to get done for years, is happening. The new flooring I wanted but we weren't able to get to or afford, is being done (and insurance is hopefully paying for it).  It kind of feels good and healing, I guess is the word I am looking for.  I don't know if that makes sense, but it's a feeling of healing that is happening for me. 

The sun is out the weather is expected to hit 80 this week and I am feeling pretty good about Monday.  It helps that Dave picked up some beer and we had pizza and beer for dinner.  The girls were quite upset (they really do not like to see us drink anything) at us till I explained that we rarely drink and that it was ok to have a drink now and then, that daddy and I don't drink a lot and very rarely.  They were ok with it after that.  I had a little buzz going however, and felt pretty warm all over.  I have a tiny 'hangover' feeling this am because it's been awhile since I had a beer, but it was great with the pizza.  :-)

So, enjoy your Monday, everyone.  I'm getting stuff done today and it feels good.  :-)

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