Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break is over!

And I am sorry, but I am going to be doing a huge cheer this am when the girls go off to school.  It wasn't a bad week, but.........the 'lovely' insurance compay still has not come through on the flooring.  I talked to the insurance agent last week and he was close to getting us to flooing, however, needed to take another look at the carpet estimate as he missed something and thought one of the bids (that we aren't going with) came in lower than the one we are going with.  So he wanted to take a look AGAIN at the carpet estimate (which is only two rooms by the way, the question is we are going with laminate in our hallway and living room - which gets replaced because hallway and living room are all one stretch of carpet). 

So on Friday I decided to take the girls to see The Croods, as we had not been out of the house once, yes, we were in the house from Saturday to Friday.  The girls received crafts from my friend for Easter and they were really into them, and there were movies on DVD they wanted to watch, etc.  So we kept occupied, as I waited on Mr. Insurance Man to call me back a couple of times, and got the full figures of what we have to fork up out of pocket because we didn't use an approved plumber.  Yet, when I asked him if he had a list he claimed they didn't.  Uh-huh.  SO he's going to go to the plumber and see if they can budge on their bill.  If not, we have a pretty penny to fork out.  I'm just tired of it all.  So I call him because a day has gone by and he's NOT very good at returning phone calls (I swear the woman we had 4 yrs ago was SO great, this guy? Not so much).  We wait around till pm, then decide to hit an afternoon showing. 

I liked The Croods, although BGA was not happy with some of the action in it, she gets fearful and although I was sitting by LGA, I didn't see her get too upset.  Afterwards she admitted some of it was a bit frightening to her, but she liked the story (and the girl in it has red hair and freckles if I am not mistaken, always a plus in her book).  It was SO nice to get out and about and the girls enjoyed the outing.  They seemed to want to be homebodies, though, because they asked me if we were coming straight back and never really wanted to go out this past week. Maybe they needed some down time.  Anywho.........I did like the story and it was funny in the appropriate parts.

The girls on the other hand, fought most of the week, and the newest thing is LGA is 'fishing' in BGA's room. She discovered her 'makeup' stash, that I thought we had hidden, but heard the closet doors at night and figure she must have gotten into BGA's closet.  Tonight she said, "BGA has MAKEUP?"  I really need to know how to stop the tattling, though, it's driving me up a very high wall, and there is no end in sight. I've tried all the things you are supposed to try for tattling, including "Unless someone is hurt or dying, or hurting someone else, I don't want to know." They really don't care, they tattle anyway, even if you have (in LGA's FASD case) recently (like within the next breath for LGA) said the same aforementioned sentences, and said, "I don't want to hear it." It's like they can't stop and they are constantly trying to one up each other.  Finally I threatened "NO ELECTRONICS IF YOU TATTLE."  That lasted for awhile, but with LGA's retention, it really did not work. I just have to keep repeating it and staying consistent for her.  But it's hard on me. I had at one point, the insurance guy on the phone, before lunch and pm meds, and I was trying to write all the numbers down. I swear I thought I was getting a very bad tension headache after that.

I really hate posting the negative stuff, but lately over the last month, it's been one huge train wreck after another.  Sure it started out innocently enough, but now they are just plain screaming at each other to go to sleep at bedtime, and LGA's on some sort of running commentary and won't stop until she crashes.  They NEED to be in their own rooms.

It's a good thing that school is starting up, because..........we will have a house guest this week. My friend from the northernmost part of N CA is coming for a visit, Tues to Fri (or possibly Sat depending on how much she can take of the girls.....she's in her late 40's and single, no kids).  So, even though we have no carpet in LGA's room, we are going to figure something out for my friend to sleep there, and hope the carpet goes in this week and soon after her arrival. So LGA won't be back in her room this week, as Easter is on Sunday so you know that we won't be having much going on before then.  My friend is coming for her birthday this week, and coming while the girls are in school so we can hang out together while they are in school.  I'm hoping for the best, but LGA does not handle house guests very well as we never have them so she has a hard time.  Wish the best for us, as it will be a hard week for her, and she will still be sharing with BGA.  (I am thinking moving of the makeup out of BGA's room is going to benefit me). Poor BGA is tired of LGA going through her stuff.  (LGA is sneaky like that, she gets things off the bar in our kitchen, out of the family room, etc.  Last thing I found she had was some of Dave's modeling putty on one of my mother's blankets, that I really liked - and it did not come out in the wash and some of it ended up on the couch so I know she had it under the blanket playing with it.  Dave refuses to move his stuff from the family room).  This mama is tired of the fighting, getting into stuff, etc.  I am looking forward to hanging out with my friend, without the girls being along and demanding her attention. 

The one plus, was I decided we were going to vacuum and dust as I was tired of the dust, that I thought would get worse once they pull the carpet up and lay the flooring. I was tired of the dust and so I declared today was house cleaning day.  Dave and the girls helped and everyone was assigned chores and got them done.  My house is still torn up and cluttered, but it is as clean as it's going to get. I will still have to dust again when all is complete, but I don't have to breathe in the dust that was really bothering me (I think I am allergic to dust as I have had other reactions to it previously).  I think the girls enjoyed earning allowance money and they did great jobs on their chores. Dave had to pull up some temporary flooring we had in our hallway to the garage as the installer who came to measure said, "we don't pull up existing flooring.  We will pull up the carpet but not this flooring."  So he had to rip it up today, but he got it donr.  Everyone worked hard.  It's sometimes a bit of work having guests, and my friend used to visit a few times a year till the girls came home.  We have not seen her for a year and 3 mos, so it has been awhile.

Hoping this week is the week we can schedule our flooring.  Back to the routine..............In April, it will be 2 more mos till school gets out, where did the year go??

Happy Monday, folks.


  1. Oh my gosh, the tattling! That would make me insane too. Thank goodness for school, right Molly????
    Enjoy the visit with your friend.

  2. It truly does. Did your boys tattle? How do you stop it???

    1. The boys never really fought all that much. Remember, there are 6.5 years between them. They adore each other.

      BG on the other hand, enjoys telling me when one of the boys is not doing what she commands them to do. So it's less of a tattling thing and a more of a "he's not doing what I want him to do" kind of thing. Which is annoying in it's own way.....