Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break!

Spring break is here.  The girls are off for 9 days.  I thought it would be a long 9 days as we had fighting, tattling, all the stuff I have posted about in the last 3 weeks.  But then something happened on Saturday night.  It got quiet about 8:30 and stayed that way.  Dave and I were watching something on tv, and I said to him, "It's quiet."  He said, "Yeah, I know........"  and let his sentence trail off.  It was eeery.  For the past almost 3 weeks, there had been so much fighting at bedtime till the girls finally wore themselves out and went to sleep.  Not Saturday.  A little bit on Sunday but then BGA went to sleep and LGA, who had a bit of sugar, couldn't come down much and go to sleep and talked for an hour, then was silent.  We'll see what tonight brings.

The girls got a craft from one of my friends, BGA a loom type of activity, LGA sticker foam pieces that you match up by color and number (which she loves and is playing with 2nd day in a row).  BGA gave up on the loom after making two projects with it and Dave helped her finish them off as that part is hard for her.  Today she said she wanted to play with it, then didn't pick it up at all.  Now, for one thing, I am NOT a crafts person.  Sure, I bead, but it's something I can do fairly well and like to do.  But when it comes to crafting, I'm not that kind of person. I will look at what other people on blogs or Pinterest make, but when it comes down to it, I am not a crafty person.  My husband is MORE crafty then I am.  But people keep buying the girls craft projects.  A couple of them we've had to abandon because LGA or BGA couldn't follow it.  My one friend says it gives them a sense of accomplishment, which it does to a point, but I hate doing crafts.  I truly do not like to do them. I wish I did, but I just don't.  There are some crafts that the girls have that we haven't touched and have sat on the shelf for a few years. Yes, YEARS, because I don't want to pick them up.  BGA wanted Blingles for Christmas, so Dave showed her how to do them.  I would have no clue how they work, but he showed her and off she went.  Both girls want to bead, so we'll see if I can teach them at some point (beading products that I use should not be used with children under 12 because of the lead issues.  But the girls have specific beads made for kids that they use from time to time).

Anyway.......these crafts have kept them busy (in between electronic device playing, which they lost for a week due to bad behavior.  And which they only get to play on weekends and after school for maybe an hour while I make dinner, IF homework was brought home and completed and only if I need to concentrate on what I am making).  So, the behavior so far has been pretty good, I am happy to say.  I hope I didn't just jinx myself..............the tv has been off (yes!!), except for Dave who is in the middle of a Star Trek marathon (in anticipation of the new movie coming out.  We have seen all the original cast movies).

We are STILL waiting on our flooring estimate to get approved, so still living in a torn up house.  Hoping to hear something this week about that. So once again, going on week 3...........waiting. I am not good at waiting.  It's really bothering me more than any other time I remember having to wait for something.  I don't know why but things just seem to bug me, maybe it's because so much has to be moved to get the flooring done and I want it to be over with. 

We have a possible friend coming as a house guest on Sat.  We talked, she said she could come down.  I texted this weekend to make sure she was coming.  No reply.  I let it go a couple of days and texted again today, "are you coming on Sat?" or whatever I said.  No reply.  I really need to know if she's coming as she's coming for her birthday and I need to get some food and things in, clean a little, make sure if we get flooring approved, that Angelina's room, where she'd sleep, is done first.  It's all part of life, I know.  So I'm trying really hard to go with the flow.  Welcome spring!! You are coming in with a bang!

Day 1 of spring break down.  There's some rain forecasted late tomorrow and Wed, then it gets close to 80 by the weekend.  So let's see how the week pans out. I think the girls will hopefully do ok, as they seem to have taken 3 weeks to get all the fighting, tattling, etc. out of their system (so far....again, hope I have not jinxed myself).

Spring always brings with it a promise of lighter sunnier days, being outside more, etc.  I have to hope this spring will be a good one once we get settled in with all we are getting done.  Just gotta be patient a bit longer. If you think good thoughts, think good thoughts for us this week so we can make some progress. I would like my friend to visit, not only to celebrate her birthday but to have some time with a friend to go out to dinner, shop, chat, watch movies, etc.  So let's hope it all turns out the way it's supposed to......I'm thinking positive.........

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